"Think it over. Think it under."
-Winnie the Pooh
Preschool Classes (Curriculum and Class Times)


Individual Class Curriculum:

Toddler Class:
Our play-based curriculum in the Toddler classroom is filled with a lot of hands-on
exploration through: dramatic play, sensory play, gardening, science exploration, music
and movement, reading and reenacting stories, learning about native wildlife, and art.

Our Toddler program is special for many reasons. For starters, we learn to care for and grow a garden. We have two garden boxes, one for growing flowers and the other for growing herbs.  The children can pinch and pick the herbs to discover their different smells and to practice strengthening hands and fingers.   We also spend a lot of time learning about music through songs and stories, using rhythm sticks, egg shakers and props. My most favorite activity is spending a whole month learning through the literature and illustrations of Eric Carle. The children construct a classroom mural inspired by the story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  We learn about the lifecycle of butterflies and even get to observe real caterpillars and butterflies that crawl and flutter in and around the Pre-K’s butterfly garden!


3-year-old Class:

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning” (Fred Rogers).  Our classroom is thoughtfully arranged to encourage exploration and the freedom to practice play.  From the dramatic and imaginative play area and the sensory, science and literature area inside the classroom, to the open-ended play opportunities in both the Courtyard area and the Sandbox area, a child has the time and freedom to engage in meaningful play at Grandmother’s House. 

The students in the 3-year-old class are surrounded by highly distinguished children’s literature.  "I have a good rapport with the children’s librarian at my local library and she has introduced me to some exceptional authors and illustrators," states Mrs. Dottie.  Emily Gravvett, Steven Gammell, Anthony Browne, Antoinette Portis, Jon Klassen, Leo Lionni, Michael Hall and Oliver Jeffers are a few of our favorites!  These books are the inspiration for many of our activities, from creating art to practicing counting, and from exploring emotions to learning about the natural

world.  One of my greatest joys is to observe my students eagerly ‘reading’ the stories I share with them during our morning together. 


4/5-year-old PreK Class:

Pre-K offers students a place to learn age-appropriate skills in a developmentally appropriate environment.  Through play, we provide learning opportunities in the areas of science, creative art, music & movement, sensory play, story time, and letter and number practice.  With kindness and patience, we model and teach appropriate  social and emotional skills to help your child prepare for Kindergarten and their future school experiences.  Our use of Zoo-phonics, a multi sensory language arts curriculum, teaches pre-writing and reading skills by introducing the alphabet as animal representations with visual and kinesthetic cues to engage all areas of development. 



Daily Schedule


8am-12 pm:

-Drop off/Free Exploration

-Circle Time and Small Group Activities (Academics)

-Creative Art Activities

-Outside Play



-Lunch and play time!

1-3 pm:

-Rest and quiet time.

Tuition (Monthly)

Toddler Class

9-12 pm:

2 days/week - $415

3 days/week - $548

4 days/week - $680

8:30-12:45 pm (lunch program):

2 days/week - $526

3 days/week - $714

4 days/week - $901

8-3 pm:

2 days/week - $769

3 days/week - $1,078

4 days/week - $1,388

3 year class/ 4 year class

9-12 pm: 

2 days/week - $342

3 days/week - $438

4 days/week - $535

5 days/week - $631

8:30-12:45 pm (lunch program):

2 days/week - $422

3 days/week - $559

4 days/week - $695

5 days/week - $831

8-3 pm:

2 days/week - $599

3 days/week - $823

4 days/week - $1,047


Drop-in Rates:

Early Drop off: 8-8:30 am

$10 fee added to next month's tuition

**advanced notice not required

Lunch Program drop-in: 12-12:45 pm 

$10 fee added to next month's tuition

**advanced notice is required to ensure space

Drop-in on alternate day:

9 am - 12 pm - $36

8:30 am - 12:45 pm - $47

8 am - 3 pm - $52 

**advanced notice is required to ensure space

More Information

Please call the Center (805) 541-1305 or email to schedule your visit or for more information about our program.