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About Us

GHCC History:

Grandmother’s House was founded by Betty Branch and a few of her friends in 1976.  Their mission was to provide care for young children at Meadow Park.  Grandmothers, student interns and child development professionals joined the teaching staff at GHCC.  After a number of years at the park, it was apparent that a permanent home would best serve the GHCC Community.  St. Stephens Church offered use of their space and the school moved in 1994.  The church has been a supportive partner and Grandmother’s House has blossomed on the site.



GHCC Philosophy:

Grandmother's House Children's Center is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, developmentally appropriate environment.  We recognize the value and worth of each child.  Children are encouraged to learn through activities that are appropriate for their ages and individual stages of development. Children can choose from several activities and can play alone or in small groups.  Our goal is to let children learn by experimentation and collaboration. They play with materials that inspire exploration and pretend play and are exposed to a literature-rich environment.  


GHCC Curriculum:

Grandmother’s House Children’s follows a ‘play-based’ curriculum.  Play provides the most natural and meaningful process by which children can construct knowledge and understanding, practice skills, immerse themselves naturally in a broad range of literacy and numeracy, and engage in productive, intrinsically motivating learning environments.  Play is serious work to a child and crucial to their development.

This curriculum emphasis provides a variety of learning experiences in the areas of:

*social and emotional
*cognitive and
*physical development

These experiences enable children to build self-esteem, to learn acceptable methods of cooperation and negotiation, and to become competent members of a group.

Enrollment Availability:

We currently have a few openings for the Fall 2024/2025 Term.

We have established a waitlist for the Fall 2025/2026 Term.

If you’re interested in more information about Grandmother's House, please contact me or call me (805) 541-1305 after 1:15 most days.

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